[SR-Users] SIP Recorder

Jeremya jeremy at electrosilk.net
Wed Jan 26 14:45:31 CET 2011

Danny Dias wrote:
> Hello my friends,
> I have a requeriment, which indicates that i have to record every SIP
> conversation between peers (also for callings to the PSTN); the
> recording server will be built for our company following this
> requeriments (also requested for the client):
> My doubt is: How can i handle sip conversations recording when all the
> calls are passing through a Proxy Server? I do understand that the
> media is always peer to peer and the signaling goes through the Proxy,
> but in this case the media not only has to pass between the peers
> because it must be recorded.
> How should i handle this?
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some media is not peer-to-peer. Especially stuff like BYE and NOTIFY.
Then it is direct to the originator contact address.

Unless you have both ends set up correctly, or you have 'adjusted' the
SIP traffic, then some stuff may be lost.

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