[SR-Users] How to get rid of this error message.

Gary Chen gchen00 at insightbb.com
Fri Apr 29 19:14:31 CEST 2011

Thanks.  This fixed error.

Is $rc the same as $retcode ?


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On 4/29/11 4:32 PM, Gary Chen wrote:

> I am using  prefix2domain("2") in PDT module like this:

> $var(found) = prefix2domain("2");

> and I got this error:

> ERROR: <core> [lvalue.c:411]: assignment failed at pos: 

> (701,56-701,56) Apparently when prefix2domain("2) returns an value to 

> $var(found), it does not like it. But it still work.

> The $var(found) still contains the return value (-1) if no prefix 

> found. And all my configuration is working. It just generate a lot of 

> this kind of error in my log file. Am I doing something wrong? How can 

> I fix it?

I will look at it, it might be that the -1 return code is usually 
associated with an error case. Meanwhile try to replace that line with 
the following:


$var(found) = $rc;




Daniel-Constantin Mierla


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