[SR-Users] RES: Suggestion dialog module / $dlg_ctx() problem.

Timo Reimann timo.reimann at 1und1.de
Fri Apr 1 17:58:55 CEST 2011

Hey Carsten,

On 31.03.2011 22:40, Carsten Bock wrote:
> from my part of view, that part is quite ready. Some more testing
> would be appreciated though, i only did a few hundred calls from a
> load generator with the code... But i think it should be fairly ready.
> I don't want to merge the whole branch into the trunk, since there are
> several parts not really ready for production (such as the RFC3680
> support, where the saving of published data to usrloc is missing).
> I haven't looked too much on how to merge only dedicated directories
> into master, maybe someone already has experience with this?
> Suggestions welcome... :-)

Never did it myself but there are a few pointers on the web, especially
Stack Overflow . This how-to found in one SO thread looks both effective
and plain easy to apply:


Another, more commit-oriented way:




> 2011/3/31 Timo Reimann <timo.reimann at 1und1.de>:
>> On 31.03.2011 11:43, Klaus Darilion wrote:
>>> On 30.03.2011 19:05, Alexandre Abreu wrote:
>>>> Hi Timo,
>>>> Maybe I wasn't clear but access dialog data in the script it's not the
>>> issue
>>>> right now. My goal at this moment is to add a variable from the script
>>> into
>>>> the dialog _and_ make this information available from 'dlg_list_ctx'
> fifo
>>>> command.
>>>> I am justing parsing the output of 'dlg_list_ctx' and I am trying to
>>> include
>>>> the user-agent information in the attributes list. The user-agent
>>>> information is available from the script ($ua).
>>> IIRC there is no such feature at the moment, but Carsten Bock recently
>>> started working on dialog-variables (see mailing list archive) in his
>>> "ims" branch.
>> I agree with Klaus that Carsten's approach seems most appropriate. In
>> fact, we have been taking his dialog variable code, fixed a few issues,
>> and extended it. The code we use is for Kamailio 1.5, however, as we
>> need to get it running there first. Getting the changes into the master
>> branch is something we definitely have on our schedule though.
>> @Carsten: Can you tell us what the status of your dialog variable code
>> basis is? Depending on what you may have changed list I checked your
>> branch, we may merge in our modifications.
>> Cheers,
>> --Timo

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