[Serusers] configure SER to work as a gateway

"Martínez García, Rebeca" remartinez at indra.es
Fri Jan 8 12:52:08 CET 2010

Hello all,

Solved the installation problem I had, now I am trying to configure SER in a certain way.
My configuration is the following one:

Client ------------------------- SER ---------------------------- Server/Proxy
192.168.x.x         192.168.x.y       10.1.x.x           10.1.x.y

Unlike the normal case where SER is used as the Registrar, my client (in a private LAN) must register in a Server/Proxy 
and SER has to act as a SIP gateway. However, at the same time, SER has to register locally this client (for internal calls).

So, put in other words, SER should forward the REGISTER message (directed from the client to the Server/Proxy) and save locally the 
location of that client. Once registered the user, SER should act as a transparent proxy.

But in the practice, it does nothing if I put that the client registers in the Server/Proxy. The messages reach SER but it does not
forward them, nor it registers locally the clients.
So I tried configuring the client to register in SER instead of the Server/Proxy and then SER started to work.

Is a listening problem? What I have to include to the ser.cfg so SER handles also messages which are not directed to it but to the Server/Proxy?
I hope somebody could help me.

Thanks in advance,
Rebeca Martinez
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