[Kamailio-Users] SIP proxy is expecting "Route:" header to befilled information from the last "Contact:" header ?

Julien Chavanton jc at atlastelecom.com
Wed Jan 13 07:06:17 CET 2010

The real source of my problem was caused by a missuse of 
This was causing the creation of a wrong  "request uri" in the ACK 
Thank you Daniel for finding it in the trace


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Hi Julien,

On 1/12/10 8:46 PM, Julien Chavanton wrote: 

	I take this as an answer :
	"(Route set is filled with Record-Route values of the
	INVITE - 200)."
	Case closed, sorry but reading RFC about SIP proxy is not always 100% clear for me, for example there is no ACK in the example.

indeed, Route headers are built out of Record-Route headers found in INVITE and 200ok.

Note that Kamailio is doing by default loose routing, you may find some devices still doing the old specs with strict-routing.

When it is the case of strict routing you find Contact address in last Route header, otherwise, with loose routing, contact address is in Request URI and Route headers only with addresses from Record-Route.

If you are involved in a scenario with strict and loose routers, then it is a bit more complex. However Kamailio deals very well with both separately or in a mixture.


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