[SR-Users] lcr

Anders vaerge at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 20:28:29 CEST 2010

>> Talking about ugly solutions - maybe this could work: The from_uri in
>> lcr always shows the domain name I have given to my customers - to
>> where they send calls. So I could create a new domain name (pointing
>> to the same IP), and then ask the customer to send to this domain -
>> and then in lcr I would put the new domain in the from_uri, and make
>> prefix with no failover for that domain. So there would be a
>> `fail-over-free` solution if calls are sent to a specific domain.
>> Would that work?
> So the client should use a specific From domain when it calls to 5512
> prefix and another From domain when it calls to other 55 prefix.
> Unfeasible and weak solution IMHO as it fully depends on the client
> behavior.

That's why I called it ugly ;-). It could be a temporary fix though,
until I am 3.x ready. The client is a VoIP providers, so he has the
platform capability to do it - wouldn't really complicate his setup

> What I really suggested in my mail (for the 1.5.X version) is ignoring
> the From domain of the INVITE and specify a "from" value as
> *parameter* when calling "load_gws()".

Yes, I kind-of understand it...just trying too see if I could find an
easier way around.

Thanks for all the input!!


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