[SR-Users] Is this a BUG?

Timo Reimann timo.reimann at 1und1.de
Thu Aug 12 00:03:25 CEST 2010

On 11.08.2010 23:39, dotnetdub wrote:
> The same endpoint never causes our Kamailio 1.4.1 servers to generate
> this message. I have watched the SIP transactions and the ACK always
> seems to arrive at the correct point in the dialog. The endpoint is
> Asterisk 1.4.22.

The reason why you never saw the message show up on Kamailio 1.4 was
probably that the same race condition was fixed in Kamailio at some
point (I believe the thread you referred to in your initial mail
mentioned that, specifically by Ovidiu).

However, when the tm module changed in SIP-Router 3 somewhat, the fix
was left out and only brought back in by Daniel at the beginning of
July. As I pointed out in my last mail, this fix apparently didn't make
it into any branch other than master yet.



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