[SR-Users] Follow up: Simple Call Accounting

Graham Wooden graham at g-rock.net
Mon Aug 9 03:54:57 CEST 2010

> That's pretty much it. Your results will be a single, readable line for each
> call.  Now, is this perfect - heck no.  For instance, for calls that don't
> complete (like just ring/hangup with no BYE), you will get 0000-00-00 for
> "endtimenow" which could be misleading thinking the call is still happening.

Just to follow up - I meant to add to this by saying that thus far, any
incomplete's that have occurred (ie. Call not being answered or not active
in the dialog table), I was able to reference all of them in the
missed_calls table. So with that, I have a couple worker perl scripts that
go out from a centralized box that picks up and collates all my data from
the proxies. Not once, yet, had a call become a strangler or have
incomplete/inaccurate data.

Your mileage may vary.


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