[Kamailio-Users] How to fetch SIP Data from Asterisk?

Vibhor Singhal vibhor.singhal at coraltele.com
Mon Oct 12 15:19:35 CEST 2009

Hi Henning,


Please find attached the text file that contains the error that I encounter
while installing Kamailio.I could not get any solution for this.Please guide
me how to resolve this problem.



Vibhor Singhal


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On Montag, 12. Oktober 2009, Vibhor Singhal wrote:
> Thanks for the information. Can you please refer any forum or document
> can guide me on how to make Kamailio as Asterisk's frontend.


Hi Vibhor,


please CC always to the user list.


Just use the search machine of your choice. ;)


Here are some example posts with more information:





> And in Kamailio's SIP_trace module, will I get SIP message in the raw form
> as mentioned below:


Hm, never used this module, but i think it will store the messages in the
database. But you could modfiy the module, its open source after all..





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