[Serusers] Network Monitoring

Steven C. Blair blairs at isc.upenn.edu
Tue Mar 31 16:12:54 CEST 2009


 We have a Network general Infinistream analyzer w/o recording capabilities on the main server subnet. We use it but not that often. Usually we use ngrep on the servers themselves and Wireshark on laptops. We do monitor the hosts with SNMPv3 but only active processes and server status.


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We are running SER 2.0.0 under RedHat 4.5 (kernel 2.6.9).
Anyone have any recommendations for network traffic analyzers, hardware or software, so we can monitor SIP traffic?
We would like the solution to be able to detect dropped calls, generate statistics and possibly debug active connections.

A Google search returns many hits, but I'd like to get some recommendations from folks actually running the monitors before I start looking at trial versions.

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