[Kamailio-Users] Using OpenSer as presence server, with OpenIMS and UCT client

Franz Edler franz-edler at aon.at
Sat Mar 21 06:54:56 CET 2009

> I'll tell you what I've done. I have copied the < Routing Logic > from
> the openser(1.3).conf and I put into Kamailio.conf. In the new Kamailio
> there are lots of "route" that I do not use. The one I copied is very
> simple, only for what I need for now:
> Now it works. But I can not deregister and register again with the
> uctimsclient. I have to quit the client and register again. Once
> register, we can publish new status and the publish and subscribes are
> ok.

That's is obviously because you have no logic for handling REGISTER requests
within your Routing logic.


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