[Kamailio-Users] NAT support - can't send command to a RTP proxy

Joao Gomes Pereira gomespereira at startel.pt
Thu Mar 19 19:21:42 CET 2009

Im trying to enable NAT support with nathelper and RTPproxy, but when I 
run Kamailio this sows up:

[6756] ERROR:nathelper:send_rtpp_command: can't send command to a RTP proxy
[6756] ERROR:nathelper:send_rtpp_command: proxy <udp:> 
does not respond, disable it
[6756] WARNING:nathelper:rtpp_test: can't get version of the RTP proxy
[6756] WARNING:nathelper:rtpp_test: support for RTP proxy 
<udp:> has been disabled temporarily

Im runnig RTPproxy this way (in the same server as Kamailio):
rtpproxy -l  -s udp:localhost 7722

And this is a part of my kamailio.conf :

loadmodule "nathelper.so"

# -- nathelper
modparam("nathelper", "rtpproxy_sock", "udp:")
modparam("nathelper", "natping_interval", 30)
modparam("nathelper", "ping_nated_only", 1)
modparam("nathelper", "sipping_bflag", 7)
modparam("registrar|nathelper", "received_avp", "$avp(i:80)")
modparam("usrloc", "nat_bflag", 6)


So, RTPproxy is running and everything seems OK with Kamailio 
configuration... why can't Kamailio send commands to RTPproxy?
Joao Pereira

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