[Kamailio-Users] Strange behaviour when RADIUS server is down

Antonio Reale ant.reale at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 17:02:56 CET 2009

Hi all,
I see a very strange behaviour using accounting on RADIUS.
If RADIUS server is up and running, all is OK. If it is down dialog
module (in db mode) can't work properly:
In the log I see:
after 200 OK to INVITE
CRITICAL:dialog:log_next_state_dlg: bogus event 6 in state 2 for dlg
0xb61c0918 [360:515907930] with clid
'B8108B3CEBD9B8E3E1CC23DE8361D35F at sipsvr' and tags
'C319BA6F3E777E04867202774CE6443B' ''

after BYE
CRITICAL:dialog:log_next_state_dlg: bogus event 7 in state 2 for dlg
0xb61c0918 [360:515907930] with clid
'B8108B3CEBD9B8E3E1CC23DE8361D35F at sipsvr' and tags
'C319BA6F3E777E04867202774CE6443B' ''

and no record is written in the dialog table.
All come back to work after starting RADIUS server.
This is not the main problem...
In some circumstance kamailio fails to route properly the calls, due
retransmissions; for instance after the client answers I see a lot of
200 OK sent to kamailio because it doesn't send the ACK immediately.
In the log I see for each 200 OK:
Mar  9 11:34:01 [27466] DBG:tm:timer_routine: timer
routine:3,tl=0xb61a8ecc next=(nil), timeout=75
Mar  9 11:34:01 [27466] DBG:tm:delete_handler: removing 0xb61a8e68
Mar  9 11:34:01 [27466] DBG:tm:delete_cell: delete_cell 0xb61a8e68:
can't delete -- still reffed (1)
Mar  9 11:34:01 [27466] DBG:tm:set_timer: relative timeout is 2
Mar  9 11:34:01 [27466] DBG:tm:insert_timer_unsafe: [3]: 0xb61a8ecc (77)
Mar  9 11:34:01 [27466] DBG:tm:delete_handler: done
I was not able to replicate this problem. Solved after starting RADIUS
server, but the problem doesn't occur if I stop it.
I'm using kamailio 1.4.3, but the last problem occurred also on a
production system with openser 1.2.3. After customer's RADIUS server
went down, openser wasn't able to route all calls.

Thank you very much for support.

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