[Kamailio-Users] controlling inbound calls

Juan Perez jperezsip2008 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 6 22:23:33 CET 2009

I saw that function, but I do not see the relation between the origination IP and any other parameter that you would configure on the module itself.

The idea is to have a table with a list of IPs and R-URIs to receive. If a request comes from an authorized IP and the R-URI matches any of those assigned to that IP then we accept the call. If a call comes from an IP not found in the table then we reject the call.
Something like that is what I would like to implement, I think the PERMISSIONS module allows that fucntionality but I would like to kow whethere there is another method for my version 1.4.3
txs a lot

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Juan Perez writes:

> I am kind of confused now with trying to use Dispatcher or LCR to
> filter the inbound request, although they provide with functions to
> check the origination IPI thought that their use was mainly to know
> where to route the calls to.

> For LCR module, how would it work for filtering by IP? I thought that
> the GWs on the GW table are used to send calls to.

lcr module has from_gw function that can be used to check if request came
from a gw.  if you want to general purpose filtering, then permissions
module might better better idea.

-- juha

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