[Kamailio-Users] Problem with sip uri in contact field

Geir O. Jensen geir.o.jensen at uninett.no
Tue Mar 3 13:08:54 CET 2009

> The RURI of the ACK (INVITe-200) is different when it arrives 
> to Kamailio and when it leaves it, so "something" is 
> modifying it. Of course Kamailio doesn't do that for itself.

> Please, believe me: your script is wrong since it's replacing 
> the ACK RURI, that's all.

Your insistency made me take a loong hard look at the script.

What did I find tucked away neatly where I wasn't looking?

        if (!uri=~"sip:.+ at .+") {

AAARGH! Basically we have one user that insist on using a client that
doesn't add the domain in it's sip uri's when doing INVITES and SUBSCRIBES
so some long time ago, these lines were added to help him. I knew I
shouldn't have done such a silly thing...

Now I feel stupid for wasting your time :(

And sad that I didn't catch this one myself... Though since our primary GW
uses full URI's in the contact field it was never a problem. I can't even
remember how long that has been sitting in there... Atleast a year :/

Anyways, thanks for the help, and for making me take a loong good look at
parts of the script I'd written off as "perfect".

- Geir

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