[Serusers] Signalig through 2 proxies

Gustavo Passos Tourinho gustavo.passos.tourinho at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 12:05:03 CET 2007

Hey There.

The BYE request is sent to the GW. And it is sent to the right port/IP. 
Actually I thought that the problem was something like it, so I start to 
capture any traffic from/to GW and nothing appears.

Another weired fact. When the call is finished by caller (ATA Terminal) 
the message is send with authentication information and the GW response 
with OK (normal call tear down). But, if I wish to finish the call by 
using (1st) proxy, the GW never response it (only after 90 seconds - 
default behavior of PSTN).

Thanks in advanced,
Greger V. Teigre wrote:
> So, the BYE or the OK disappears between your proxy1 and GW. Find out 
> where and you are onto where the issue is. Most likely there is a 
> message that is sent to the wrong port.
> g-)
> Gustavo Passos Tourinho wrote:
>> Hello there.
>> I'm have some strange problem and was wondering if anyone of you can 
>> help me.
>> I have 2 scenarios to call from a IP terminal to a PSTN.
>> Scenario1: Terminal >> Proxy1 (statefull)>> Proxy2 (stateless)>> GW 
>> (PSTN)
>> Scenario2: Terminal >> Proxy1 (statefull)>> GW (PSTN)
>> The problem is when I use scenario 1. When the terminal sends BYE 
>> request, the GW never response with OK.
>> In the other hand, using scenario 2, BYE request is respond with OK 
>> (by the GW). The signaling is perfectly normal.
>> The signaling is the same, except by the via header add by second proxy.
>> Thanks in advanced,
>> Gustavo
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