[Serusers] ? presence ser 0.10.99? - db/db.c:83: Database driver 'mysql' not found

tzieleniewski tzieleniewski at o2.pl
Mon Jan 22 11:15:38 CET 2007


I am working with the presence functionality. Today's morning I compiled the latest CVS source and after I run ser I received the following error:

Jan 22 11:19:27 rd /home/ser/ser/ser-0.10.99/presence/ser[3861]: ERROR: db/db.c:83: Database driver 'mysql' not found
Jan 22 11:19:27 rd /home/ser/ser/ser-0.10.99/presence/ser[3861]: uri_db:mod_init: Unable to bind to the database module
Jan 22 11:19:27 rd /home/ser/ser/ser-0.10.99/presence/ser[3861]: init_mod(): Error while initializing module uri_db

my ser.cfg looks like this:
loadmodule "/home/ser/src/sip_router/modules/uri/uri.so"
loadmodule "/home/ser/src/sip_router/modules/uri_db/uri_db.so"
loadmodule "/home/ser/src/sip_router/modules/rls/rls.so"
loadmodule "/home/ser/src/sip_router/modules/pa/pa.so"
loadmodule "/home/ser/src/sip_router/modules/presence_b2b/presence_b2b.so"
modparam("domain|uri_db|usrloc", "db_url", "mysql://ser:heslo@localhost/ser")

I have the previous version of ser running as proxy+registrar and there is no such error.

Waiting for Your help:)

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