[Serusers] Truncate username ?

inge inge at legos.fr
Tue Jan 16 09:49:38 CET 2007

Hi all,

Is it possible to truncate username in avp_db_load(), or with an other
way ?
In fact, I want to do a usr_preferences table like, but I don't want to
add all my number. Just the first 6 digits. Something like 012345xxxx.

So I don't have to add in the table each number between 012345000 to

I think we can't do that directly in avp_db_load, but maybe it's
possible to do something like that : 

truncate with an avp_check using regular expression and put the result
into a variable, then use this variable like the source parameter in

Someone have an idea ?

Thanks for your support.

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