[Serusers] ser_ctl: (111, 'Connection refused'): error

tzieleniewski tzieleniewski at o2.pl
Mon Jan 8 16:41:59 CET 2007

Hi !

I've set up the ser 0.10.99, basic functionality works - ser registers users and establishes the media sessions correctly. Now I tried to use the new serctl tool: version 0.3.17. When I try to invoke for instance #ser_ctl ps while ser is running I get the following:
ser_ctl: (111, 'Connection refused'): error

my ser.cfg file part:
modparam("ctl", "binrpc", "unixs:/tmp/ser_ctl")
modparam("ctl", "fifo", "fifo:/tmp/ser_fifo")
modparam("ctl", "mode", 0666)               

and my serctl.conf and serctl/config.py files lines:
SER_URI = 'http://localhost:5060/'

Please point me what do I need to do to make it work.

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