[Serusers] Sipp and SER using TCP protocol

Zeeshan Sajid shani_707 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 8 13:47:03 CET 2007

Hey ppl,

I am trying to find out the peak number of calls that ser supports using sipp running the default scenario. I am using SER-0.9.6 and sipp version1.8 for this purpose.
Now my setup on a local lan is 

SIpp (UAC)  ----------------------->    SER   -------------------->    Sipp (UAS)                                    

the commands that i have used are 
for Sipp (UAC)
ulimit -n 99999
./sipp -sn uac -rsa -i -p 5061 -t t1 -r 1000 -rp 10 

for Sipp (SER)
 default settings

for Sipp (UAS)
 ulimit -n 99999
./sipp -sn uas -i -p 5060 -rsa -t tn

now the problem is that after a while the UAS crashes saying 
 "Broken pipe on TCP connection, remote peer probably closed the socket."

my understanding is that SER is unable to handle the messages burst to the Sipp UAS and 

so please tell me how can i solve this problem .... thanks in advance

Zeeshan Sajid

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