[Serusers] Can I see your PSTN with Accounting?

Bart Fisher bhfisher at icpage.com
Thu Jan 4 18:22:37 CET 2007

Noob here, sorry  :)

I've been working with SER for about a month and I have a working config 
using what's provided by iptel.org
'getting started' gw-pstn.cfg  -

But here's were I'm stuck.  I'd like to add accounting, but I haven't 
found a good example based on gw-pstn.cfg
where accounting has been added. Google turns up old updated information.

I'm hoping someone can post or email their gw-pstn.cfg with acc enabled:

Note: Basically the gw-pstn.cfg script provides a good example of using 
SER with nathelper and mediaproxy as well
as rewriting to a PSTN Gateway

Can you help me?


bart at icpage.com

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