[Serusers] One way audio

Gareth Owen gareth.owen at bevoice.net
Wed Jan 3 10:25:03 CET 2007

Can someone help?


I am fairly new to SER and Mediaproxy and can't find a detailed explanation
of how nathelper etc work, so I'm struggling!


My config is:-


SER  0.9.6

Mediaproxy 1.7.2 

Fedora Core 4 86x64


SER and Mediaproxy run on the same server which acts as a gateway to a
remote Sonus PSTN gateway over a VPN.


I also use Asterisk on my local network. The SER server acts as a router
between Asterisk servers and the PSTN via the Sonus. This works fine but my
problem is when I attempt to use X-Lite 3.0 UA behind NAT on a remote
network. Asterisk is not used in this config but proves that two way audio
is fine using SER and the Sonus gateway.


Problem: X-Lite behind NAT on remote network to Sonus PSTN gateway via SER
and Mediaproxy, I get only one ay audio. The audio is fine from X-Lite to
PSTN but not in the reverse direction. 


Thanks for your help










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