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Mon Jan 29 20:02:19 CET 2007

Hi Bogdan

The section 3.2.1 (The WWW-Authenticate Response Header) from RFC 2617 says:  

     A string indicating a pair of algorithms used to produce the digest
     and a checksum. If this is not present it is assumed to be "MD5".

I send a INVITE to Openser but it send back a 407 (Proxy Authentication).
The parameter response was OK. But, without the parameter 'algorithm', the proxy
didn't allow the authentication. It neither consult at Radius.
Looking at the RFC above, the SIP proxy must to use MD5 by default, but it 
don't accept the message without the parameter. 

Can it be a bug of OpenSER? Or my interpretation is wrong? (I bet that I'm wrong :) )

Best regards.

Bruno Machado

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Hi Bruno,

you cannot configure to have the algorithm param added. If I'm not 
wrong, the digest RFC says this is an optional param and the default 
value is MD5.


Bruno Machado wrote:

> Hi.
> When I use the function proxy_challenge(), the 407 don't have the 
> parameter 'algorithm=MD5'. Look below:
> ...
> Proxy-Authenticate: Digest realm="", 
> nonce="45be00f941f137ff037436c77f80a9531a02155f".
> ...
> How can I put this parameter in digest informations?
> ...
> Proxy-Authenticate: Digest realm="", 
> nonce="45be00f941f137ff037436c77f80a9531a02155f",
> algorithm="MD5".
> ...
> Thanks in advance.
> Bruno
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