[Users] openser, spa9000, etc.

Scott Yagel syagel at packetcall.net
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Thanks for the info.  This will allow me to reach the SPA9000 phones from my
Openser phones.  Getting to Openser phones from SPA9000 phones is relatively
easy by setting the correct call routing dial pattern in the SPA9000.

Since the SPA9000 is limited in the number of extensions (max 16), I would
like to have most all phones registered to Openser, and use the SPA9000 as a
gateway to my ITSP, which means I need to somehow forward 10 digit numbers
from an Openser phone into the SPA9000 and out the ITSP line on the SPA9000.

Scott Yagel
PacketCall, Inc.
syagel at packetcall.net

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By default You cannot reach the extensions registered to SPA9000 from 
the extensions registered at Openser. You will only reach the SPA9000 
line registered at Openser.
You can reach the other extensions registered at SPA 9000 if the SPA9000 
line registered at Openser forward the call to the other extensions or 
if you set the extensions on SPA9000 to receive calls without 
authentication but for that to work you need to create aliases for that 
extensions on Openser pointing it to SPA9000

Juliano Duque

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