[Users] openser, spa9000, etc.

Scott Yagel syagel at packetcall.net
Tue Jan 23 21:17:34 CET 2007

Has anyone had any experience with Openser and a SPA9000 configured as I
describe below?

I have my SPA9000 registered on one line to my ITSP. Calls out to the ITSP
work fine from phones registered to the SPA9000. I have the SPA9000
registered to the Openser on line 2 of the SPA9000, and calls from
extensions registered on the SPA9000 can call extensions registered on the

I use Openser as a sip proxy with lots of phone extensions (more than the
SPA9000 will support). When trying to call from a phone registered on
Openser to a phone registered to the SPA9000, I get a 403 Forbidden. Same
with attempts to dial out to the ITSP. 

Am I trying to do something that can't be done, or is it a SPA9000
configuration problem?

Thanks for any suggestions,


Scott Yagel

PacketCall, Inc.

syagel at packetcall.net


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