[Users] Newbie needs some (transparent) proxy help

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Mon Jan 22 16:40:09 CET 2007


I've just had a project dumped on me to build a sip proxy to sit in
front of our Nortel MCS setup (and ultimately other VoIP gateways).
Previous admin was supposed to have done this but he recently
been given the boot and hadn't even touched this project from what
I can see. And I'm a VoIP newbie which doesn't help much - keen
to learn but defo a newbie

Setup is fairly straight forward from what I can tell but I seem to be
doing something completely wrong so seeking help. New sip proxy
(OpenSER) is to sit in front of the MCS (and in time other boxes as
I mentioned) and it should proxy traffic to/from the sip servers based
on the end users realms/domains (i.e. 1234 at test1.sip goes to
server X and 1234 at tes2.sip goes to server Y) - I'll need to add an
authentication layer here but one step at a time. There's no NAT'ing
or anything else going on - everything (clients, sip server & sip proxy)
sits on public IP space. All I've been able to get to work so far is
registration but can't make or receive calls.

I've spend 2 days now trying to figure this out (newbie eh ?) and am
under increading pressure from management to get this sorted so
am getting desperate. I've googled this to death and tried all the
various configs that sounded like they would do the job - but none

I'm sure someone has already done this and would appreciate if
you could share the config with me ?


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