[Users] OpenSER v1.1.1 released

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Mon Jan 22 16:10:46 CET 2007


version 1.1.1 of OpenSER has been released. It is an update of version 
1.1.0 and includes the fixes for the issues discovered in version 1.1.0, 
therefore all people using 1.1.0 should upgrade to this new version. For 
people using sms, permissions, postgres, unixodbc, osp, it is highly 
recommended to move to this release, in the case no CVS updates were 
done after v1.1.0 (if you installed and maintain OpenSER from CVS, then 
you have to use branch rel_1_1_0, as it was for v1.1.0).  The 
compatibility of the configuration file and database has been preserved 
(you do not need to do database reinstallation).

Some details about v1.1.1 can be found at:

Detailed changelog:

Sources can be downloaded from:

The documentation for modules is posted at:

If someone wants to contribute with packages for different distros, 
please send the link from where can be downloaded to team at openser.org.


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