[Users] Asterisk Integration

Víg Pál pal.vig at sonitar.hu
Sun Jan 21 20:44:03 CET 2007

Hi List members,
I am planning to bulid a system for large scale deployment.
Looking at Openser features and Asterisk capabilities I decided to build a
system on these platforms, but faced the problem of integration.
What is the best method of integration ? I read some columns in the docs,
and can not decide...
I came from the network world and can understand protocols and IP
communication quite well.
I think I should do the following :
CLIENT <---> Internet <---> Openser machines (load balanced) <---> Asterisk
machines (behind NAT, also load balanced, doing mainly codec conversion and
switching logic)
My guesses are :
- use dispatcher on the frontend(s)
- do not use dispatcher, but rewrite the packets by some programmatical way
- any other solution ?
I'd like to spare some energy on this not to start developing some not
working solution ;)
Thanks in advance,
Pal Vig
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