[Users] Re: $hdr($avp(s:name))

JF jfkavaka at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 19:15:30 CET 2007

Trying to debug this using
xlog("L_INFO", "HEADER: $avp(s:value1), CONTENT: $hdr($avp(s:value1))\n");

I notice inside items.c (within xl_printf function) that
xl_get_spec_value(msg, &(it->spec),
                                        &tok, 0)

is called with no flags (last param is 0). Shouldn't it be "it->spec.flags" ?

When there are dynamic params, flag XL_DPARAM is used. It seems it's
not being considered... or is being lost at fixup?

Maybe one of the core developers could help here?

Thanks in advance,


On 1/17/07, JF <jfkavaka at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there support for dynamic avp/hdr names, like
> $hdr($avp(s:name))
> I'm getting <null> when I try this... and I've checked that
> $avp(s:name) has a valid header name (Contact).
> Thanks,
> JF

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