[Users] CID insertion

nick nick at mobilia.it
Wed Jan 17 12:39:51 CET 2007

I have my user authentication in a MYSQL database and use openser 
administrator to manage users. With every user I can add the Caller ID 
which ends up in the database (I've confirmed the existence in the DB).

I'd like to add a Remote Party ID header into my calls directed to my 
PSTN termination provider (this is the header they want). I have had a 
look at the Auth module, and if I understood correctly, needed to add 
the lines

modparam("auth", "rpid_avp", "i:13")
  to obtain the rpid field from the database



to actually add the RPID field to my outgoing INVITES, etc.

however, I still can't see the header being added to the calls in 
outgoing SIP traces, and I have the feeling that I'm missing something 

I've tried also adding this line to load the credentials from the database:

modparam("auth_db", "load_credentials", "rpid")

Do I need to set the load credentials to be i:13=rpid to load the rpid 
field into the avp???

It's not 100% clear from the documentation where and how these avps are 
used (automatically if they're filled, or if they need to be somehow 
referenced in the function that uses them) and exactly which function is 
necessary (do I need the auth_db function or not?)..

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