[Users] RTP without proxying, Linksys 3102

Bill Neely ceo at xantek.cc
Wed Jan 17 00:03:05 CET 2007

I found the answer for the Linksys boxes.
It is this:

Linksys's have an entry called "NAT Mapping Enable", which is on the 
Line or Line 1 tab, not anywhere near the STUN settings on the SIP tab. 
If this is turned on, the Linksys reports its Contact information 
correctly (ie. with the real IP address and port, not the private IP). 
The RTP reinvites then work and you can pass off the RTP without going 
throuhg a proxy server.

If anybody needs the openser.cfg that works with this, let me know and 
I will be happy to send or post it.


Quoting Klaus Darilion <klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at>:

> Bill Neely wrote:
>> Has anyone come up with a method for getting a NATED Linksys 3102 to 
>> talk to another NATED UA?  I see that it has something to do with 
>> the 3102 being a symmetric NAT device. I have tried setting 
>> fix_nated_register and force_rport, but this doesn't do it (still no 
>> RTP going back and forth). I know we could fix this by setting up a 
>> proxy server, but we have bandwidth reasons for not wanting to do 
>> this. Can provide openser.cfg if anyone would like to look at it.
> Hi!
> For symmetric NAT you need a media relay. Mabye it can be worked 
> around with ICE, but the practical solution is a media relay.
> regards
> klaus
> -- 
> Klaus Darilion
> nic.at

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