[Users] Accessing data from reply route in failure route

Christian Schlatter cs at unc.edu
Tue Jan 16 00:30:38 CET 2007

T.R. Missner wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a need to pass info contained in a X-header within a 300 message to
> the failure-route or branch-route for inclusion in a new INVITE which
> results from the redirect. Is there a mechanism available that would allow
> me to do this?  AVPs are not available in the reply route.

AFAIK, AVPs are not available in reply_route because of locking issues. 
But a simple patch of t_reply.c of  tm module will allow you to use AVPs 
in reply_route.

Have a look at:

I'm pretty sure that someone posted a patch file on this list but I 
can't find it anymore. You'll also have to customize 
/modules/avpops/avpops.c by basically changing all occurrences of




I'm using these patches on our production servers with no issues so far. 
They also didn't decrease the 'calls per second' rate when testing with 

- Christian

> Thanks,
> T.R. 
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