[Users] SMS module modem diagnosis

Cristian Caprar cristian.caprar at iquestint.com
Wed Jan 10 16:29:20 CET 2007

How can I diagnose a problem in the SMS module when opening a modem? 

I see the following line in the log: 
DEBUG: modem_process: opening modem 

After about 5 minutes, I see the next one: 
ERROR:modem_process: cannot open modem Siemens_S45! Resource temporarily

All happens in libsms_modem.c, line 423, where open() is called. The
call blocks for about 5 minutes and afterwards I see the above error in
the log. 

I tried to connect to the modem via minicom (on /dev/ttyS0) and
everything is just fine.





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