[Users] Multi Call Legs Accounting

Howard Tang howard615 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 22:14:07 CET 2007


Did anyone successfully setup call accounting for call forward? I have
been searching for a working example for few days on google, I still
couldn't find any working example.

The config I have at the moment is

modparam("acc", "multi_leg_enabled", 1)
modparam("acc", "src_leg_avp_id", 110)
modparam("acc", "dst_leg_avp_id", 111)

In the main route,
        if (!method=="REGISTER" && !method=="NOTIFY") {
                avp_write("$from/username", "$avp(i:110)");
                avp_write("$ruri/username", "$avp(i:111)");

Let say A call B and B forward call to C, the record in the acc table is all
A to C without B in any one of the record for billing purpose. The
Call forward was set on the UA.

Can anyone give me a hand on this please?

Howard Tang

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