[Users] Caller-ID setup help

Chahn Kim johnk at koreanet.us
Fri Jan 5 17:59:02 CET 2007

> Sounds like you need to talk to the ITSP.  Are you doing a
> uac_replace_from?  Some SPs ignore the RPID as it never became a standard.
> /a

Thanks for the comment.
No, what I tried so far was to append rpid header to all frames that goes
toward PSTN gateway.

What would be the best way to rewrite "From:" header using
uac_replace_from?  Rewriting both deiplay and url or just display portion?

> Chahn Kim wrote:
>> Hi, a Happy New Year to all.
>> Looking for help to get our caller-id working for outging PSTN calls.
>> We have 3rd party PSTN gateway service and all our callee gets the
>> gateway
>> phone number as CID for all of our sip calls to  PSTN.
>> I had implemented so far sip-rpid, remote-party-id, through avp,
>> append_rpid_hf() and confirmed rpid headers on all pstn outgoing frames.
>> However, callee only see the SP's PSTN gateways number as incoming
>> caller-id.   Is there other way of implementing caller-id for sip calls
>> before I bring the subject to PSTN service providor?  Or is it most
>> likely
>> SP's policy setup?
>> Thanks in advnace.
>> John K
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