[Users] new CDRTool release 5.0.5

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Thu Jan 4 19:24:05 CET 2007


I have been asked many times where is the best place to obtain  
support and ask questions for CDRTool. As CDTool is at this moment  
primarily designed and tested for OpenSER deployments I have decided  
that OpenSER users mailing is the best place to make announcements  
for new releases. There is of course no guaranteed support, as you  
may expect for a free product, support requests will however not go  

Unless there is no objection or complaint, I will keep this mailing  
list updated about CDRTool new releases from now on.

Here it is:

CDRTool 5.0.5 has been released. The software can be downloaded from:



   * Fixed determination of previous year in  
     Consolidate SET statements to minimize binary log entries. Fixed  
bug in
     update_raddact_record_mediaproxy, the record values were reset  
     execution of update on the first table causing failure to update  
     previous table. setup/radius/OpenSER/radius_accounting.proc must be
     reloaded into the MySQL server:
     mysql -u root -p -h sipdb radius <  setup/radius/OpenSER/ 
   * Use same CDR structure for MaxSessionTime and DebitBalance
   * Change logging for prepaid actions to fit one line
   * Normalize tries previous month if no record has been updated
   * Mention how to see prepaid account status
   * Updated rating docs
   * Moved E164 class to phplib/local.inc
   * Show accounts with quota that exceeded a certain treshold
     scripts/SER/quotaShowAccounts.php treshhold
   * Added documentation for the Quota system (doc/QuotaSystem.txt)
   * Use normalization lock per table using GET_LOCK() server function
     This provided faster web response when multiple clients access the
   * Fixed confirmation for delete operations in rating tables when  
     vars are turned off in php.ini


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