[Users] LCR db_only mode problem

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Thu Jan 4 12:30:38 CET 2007

Hi Juha,

maybe it will be a good idea to have in lcr module the DB serial loading 
(as usrloc does now when using cache). This will solve the problem of 
too much private memory required at start up.


Juha Heinanen wrote:

>currently lcr module always loads gw and lcr tables into memory.
>there used to be no db_mode variable in the early days of the module.
>gws were always loaded into memory and lcr entries were never loaded.
>then caching mode was added along with loading of lcr entries into
>memory.  at that time db_mode variable was also introduced, but it only
>affects load_gws function.  i guess db_mode was added just in case a bug
>is found in caching version of load_gws and people need to go back to
>old behavior.
>caching mode was added, because it turned out that load_gws database
>query was far too slow if there is a large number of gws/lcr entries.
>so even if you would manage to make lcr module to work in db_only mode,
>it would not do you any good.  also, there is no db only version of
>from_gw/to_gw functions.
>my conclusion of this messy situation is that i'll remove db_mode
>altogether from lcr module.
>-- juha
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