[Users] SER as proxy in front of Asterisk

Thomas Deillon Thomas.Deillon at smart-telecom.ch
Wed Jan 3 14:17:37 CET 2007



I have made more tries and now, all my phones don't work ...


The firewall opens a connection to REGISTER phone but after a while the OPTION message from the Asterisk will be DROP by the FW ...


You can find a diagram of the exchange here: http://deillon.eu/tmp/exchange_sip.png

A list of all exchange: http://deillon.eu/tmp/ip_sip.txt

And all sip message: http://deillon.eu/tmp/message.txt


Thanks a lot for your help,






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Hi all,

I wish you first a happy new year !!
One again, I ask you some help. Thanks a lot for your patience and your answers that really helped me.

So, I want to put a SER in front of one Asterisk for the moment (more after).
All Servers have public IP address and so, I don't care about the RTP/SDP messages.
All phones are behind NAT somewhere in Switerland :)

I have the configuration below in openser:

modparam("dispatcher", "list_file", "/etc/openser/dispatcher.list")
#modparam("dispatcher", "force_dst", 1)
modparam("dispatcher", "flags", 2)

modparam("usrloc", "db_mode",   0)
#modparam("rr", "enable_full_lr", 1)


        xlog("L_ALERT", "[$rm] from [$fu] to [$tu]\n");

        if (!mf_process_maxfwd_header("10")) {
                sl_send_reply("483","Too Many Hops");

        if (msg:len >=  2048 ) {
                sl_send_reply("513", "Message too big");

#       if (search("User-Agent:.*Thomson.*")) {
#       };

        if ((src_ip==212.xxx.xxx.152) || (src_ip==212.xxx.xxx.153)) {
                if(method=="OPTIONS") {

        }else {
                        ds_select_dst("4", "0");
                else {
                        ds_select_dst("0", "4");

And in my dispatcher.list I have:

0 sip:212.xxx.xxx.153:5060
4 sip:212.xxx.xxx.153:5060

With this configuration, a snom phone, a X-lite phone and a Cisco phone seams to work ....
But with the Thomson ST2030, it doesn't work.
In fact, the Thomson REGISTER on asterisk, the Asterisk send a OPTION message to the FW IP adress and the right port where the thomson is and then, after a while, the FW close the connection. The thomson phone is so "UNREACHABLE" on asterisk status and nobody can call it.
I'm not sure that my configuration is ok in ser but I think that is a problem with the Thomson2030. Do you had the same kind of problem or do you understand the problem here ?

Thanks for your help,

Thomas Deillon

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