[Users] Multiple networks source address

T.R. Missner trmissner at bandwidth.com
Tue Jan 2 21:41:37 CET 2007


 mhomed=1 did the trick

Never knew about that one since I never needed it


On 1/2/07 12:38 PM, "Ron Winacott" <ronw at somanetworks.com> wrote:

>> The reason is �The IP address in the Record Route also needs to be
>> changed(manipulated) so that Subsequent Requests for the same call
>> coming from the other end of the Tunnel are routed correctly.
> Could the "mhomed=1" option in the openser.cf fix this problem? I am more
> asking then answering, sorry about that. But I run a similar configuration
> without problems. Mind you I am not using ipsec.
> The record-route will show two entries for this host, one for the incoming on
> eth1 and one for the out going on eth0.
> just a thought.
> ronw

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