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Do you know any UA which support SST timers?

On 1/2/07, Ron Winacott <ronw at somanetworks.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 January 2007 9:00 am, Asterisk Expert wrote:
> > Hello Ron,
> > Thanks for your response. Now I'm able to start and destroy dialog
> > properly. But I guess dialog timer is reset when openser receives
> "Update"
> > message. I looked in dialog and sst module codes and found that they
> rely
> > on UA to send "Update" message periodically to keep the dialog active. I
> > dont think it is good idea to rely on clients as all clients may not be
> > sending "UPDATE" messages after call is established. Correct me if I'm
> > wrong. Also I think that I may have to change source code of dialog or
> sst
> > to send bye if any UA is broken and can't send "Bye" in case of dialog
> > timeout.
> But waiting and acting on UPDATE/re-INVITE is what SST (RFC-4028) is all
> about. The SST module is an implementation of the RFC for a SIP proxy. One
> of
> the clients in the dialog must support timers (SST) and the module will
> figure out who does and request SST timers (UPDATE/RE-INVITE) from that
> if nether UAC want to use timers.
> As for the proxy sending a BYE on a timed out SST/dialog, this is against
> the
> RFC. A proxy can't inject a SIP message into the conversation like that.
> Also, there is the technical issue that nether the SST or dialog module
> track/save enough information (as far as routing goes) to send the BYE.
> The SST module is for statefull proxy servers to allow them to free up
> locally
> held resources when a dialog times out without having a default dialog
> time
> out value of 24 hours, and causing one of the UAC's to "ping" the signal
> path
> to let everyone on it know the conversation is still on.
> Without one side supporting timers (SST) I would suggest you do not use
> for any kind of accounting information because as per the RFC, one side
> must
> support timers/SST for it to work.
> ronw
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