[Serusers] SER + B2BUA

Arek Bekiersz sip at perceval.net
Wed Mar 8 17:05:26 CET 2006

Why do you need B2BUA for billing in the first place?
I use SER acc based billing (that is: registering INVITE and first BYE 
received and then analyzing this with external application). I do it on 
production system.

I was also concerned about reliability of such solution. But as I'm now 
sure all my remote gateways will always send BYE at the end of call, no 
matter what happened, I don't see any problem. Even if somebody cuts 
power/RTP/whatever at UA.

I used to have 1 or 2 unregistered calls per month, now I have none. 
Everything is billed...

Arek Bekiersz

roger leszczynski wrote:
> Anyone here use ser + b2bua for billing reasons? if so can you provide 
> the config files? ..... i want to be able to capture cdrs even if i 
> restart ser.

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