[Users] differ DNS between proxy-proxy and client-proxy connections

Arek Bekiersz arek at perceval.net
Mon Mar 27 14:40:56 CEST 2006


May be loosely related: you could check ongoing discussion on
sip at ietf.org mailing list, thread "draft-ietf-sip-outbound".

They are discussing outbound-proxy and discovery concepts. Sometimes
they are touching similar problem that you've described.

Arek Bekiersz

Klaus Darilion wrote:
> Hi!
> This is a little bit OT, but maybe you can help me out. Consider the 
> following setup: I have a SIP service running on mydomain.com.
> My sip AoR is sip:klaus at mydomain.com
> mydomain.com resolves to my main SIP proxy (registrar, proxy, used by 
> all local clients) using NAPTRs, SRV and A records.
> Further, I do want to have a separate proxy (edge proxy) which handles 
> signaling from/to external domains, TLS, white/blacklisting ....
> Thus, the domain mydomain.com should resolve to:
> - the main proxy for SIP clients
> - the edge proxy for SIP proxies
> Of course I could use different domains or the clients have to configure 
> an outbound proxy (which points directly to the main proxy), but this 
> complicates configuration.
> AFAIK, Microsoft solved this problem within the LCS using different 
> prefixes during the SRV lookup. The Live Communicator (client) uses 
> _sipinternal._udp.mydomain.com to find the main proxy, whereas the LCS 
> uses _sip._udp.domain.com to find the edge proxy (access proxy in 
> Microsoft terms) of mydomain.com.
> Thus, I would like to raise discussion: Have you an idea how to solve 
> this? Are you aware of any RFCs/drafts addressing this problem?
> regards
> klaus

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