[Serusers] Call management software

nick nick at mobilia.it
Mon Jul 31 10:25:12 CEST 2006

ram wrote:
> Hi all
> Is any one here in the group used any call management software for SER
> I have seen software for Asterisk hudlite, does any kind of software for SER
> any one tested and report their experiences
> why iam asking is
> after Ser running some days
> i get this error in my syslog
> sl_reply_error used: I'm terribly sorry, server error occured (2/SL)
> that time my users not able to make call, i keep get fast busy, that 
> time i need to reboot the Ser
> so calls again start going out side
> If any kind of monitoring software available or do automated job, when 
> ever found that calls are not going
> then restart SER or some kind of solution should help the admin to chek 
> the logs, when the SER restarted.
> If not some one need to monitor constantly or wait for customer to call 
> to support \the calls are not going
> then we restart service will back the services, but i feel bad practice, 
> before customer realise some problem with
> server, the Admin able to fix the problem
> any suggestions will be appriciated.
> ram,
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Run a cron job to check the logs every 5 minutes or so, and have it 
restart the server if necessary..

Monit can check to see if a server is up or down, but I don't know if 
your server is up or down or if it's just locked up..

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