[Serusers] Problem compiling SER with Radius

Marco Dias passarinho at ci.uc.pt
Fri Jul 28 18:03:33 CEST 2006

I installed SER and everything was working ok but I had to recompile  
SER with RADIUS support. I installed radiusclient 0.3.2 from sources.  
I editted the Makefile deleting "auth_radius", "group_radius" and  
"uri_radius" from the excluded modules. I Tryed to recompile SER but  
when I did "make install" appeared the following warnings:

ERROR: module modules/acc/acc.so not compiled
ERROR: module modules/auth_radius/auth_radius.so not compiled
ERROR: module modules/group_radius/group_radius.so not compiled
ERROR: module modules/uri_radius/uri_radius.so not compiled

I tryed to locate the modules but only found the acc.so in "/usr/ 
local/lib/ser/modules/acc.so". The others I don't have... Can anyone  
help me please...

Thanks in advance and sorry about my bad English

Marco Passarinho

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