[Serusers] SER or OpenSER

John Kim johnk at koreanet.us
Fri Jul 28 06:45:28 CEST 2006

My point was at the word "lagging" not too much on the direction.
Last updated dates on some key documents, for instance.
Also I happened to witness( this was mentioned by other list members before)
a page that had been contaminated
with html links implicating adult web sites; which I had no choice but
regarding as an evidence of lack of proper administration
after change in ownership.

>On 07/19/06 21:14, Chahn John Kim wrote:
>> Thank you all for your comments.
>> After having researched documents and history from both iptel and
>> OpenSER, I could not resist a feeling that iptel is somewhat lagging
>> in their intension to go forward with SER to the direction that it had
headed to.

I am wondering if you can provide specifics about where SER was headed to
and why you think it is not going forward there.


Jiri Kuthan            http://iptel.org/~jiri/

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