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Richard C. Thompson rthompson at vir2com.com
Wed Jul 26 21:31:39 CEST 2006

Thanks for the hints! Below is additional info in response. 

BTW the code for both the exit ser server and the new server are the same
except for a few things like IP address and such.

The new ser server has two interfaces and two IP addresses, does this mess
things up?



Without relevant parts of your config file it's hard to tell....it can be:

*you missed to include the new ser address in the allow statment of the
existent mediaproxies 

I included the new ser IP address in the existing mediaproxies

*there's an allow part in the DNS which does not include the new ser as
allowed to query for the _mediaproxy._tcp 

I don't have an allow statement in the DNS Zone file. Is this what you are
referring to?

Does the new ser server have to be listed in the zone file?

*the domain statement in the new ser's proxydispatcher is not properly set

I have this in the mediaproxy.ini file

defaultProxy = domain://mydomain.com

*a typo somewhere...


 why doesn't this line in mediproxy.ini work either?

defaultProxy =xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:25060 # IP address of one of the mediaproxy

few hints...

2006/7/26, Richard C. Thompson < rthompson at vir2com.com
<mailto:rthompson at vir2com.com> >:



Can anyone post a hint so I can figure this out.


I have a ser server using a DNS lookup for my SRV mediaproxy servers.
Everything works fine, and has been for some time. 

Now I built a new ser server and want to go to the same mediaproxy servers
but I get the following error 


Jul 26 09:47:36 localhost proxydispatcher[31666]: warning: none of the
proxies for domain mydomain.com have responded 

Jul 26 09:47:36 localhost proxydispatcher[31666]: error: No mediaproxy
servers found for the default domain. 


I have included the new ser IP in the allow config of the mediaproxy


Even if I force the defaultproxy to one of the IP addresses of a mediaproxy
server I get the following error 

error: couldn't forward command to (Connection reset by peer)


Any ideas???

Could it be a version issue or maybe the python-mysqld issue, I'm not using








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