[Serusers] ser 0.9.7-pre3 SRV "question"

Steve Blair blairs at isc.upenn.edu
Wed Jul 26 18:04:01 CEST 2006

Klaus Darilion wrote:

>> Anyhow I did the tcpdump, I saw the request from SER and the response 
>> from our DNS server. SER is asking for the "A" record instead of the 
>> "SRV" record. By this  I mean SER is performing the equivalent of 
>> "dig myserver.myschool.edu A". This is not what we want and not what 
>> happened in past release of SER. What I want is "dig 
>> _sip._udp.myserver.myschool.edu SRV". Any thoughts on what might be 
>> happening?
> ser bybasses SRV lookups if there is a port number present in the 
> r-URI (RFC3263).
> Make sure there is no port in the r-URI.
Is this a change/refinement with SER 0.9.7-pre3? Our previous 
configuration file, which we used with SER 0.9.6 uses the same rewrite 
command as the current configuration file. Both versions specify a port 
number but the previous config file worked with SER 0.9.6.


> regards
> klaus

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