[Serusers] ser 0.9.7-pre3 SRV "question"

Steve Blair blairs at isc.upenn.edu
Wed Jul 26 16:56:02 CEST 2006

Klaus Darilion wrote:

> Steve Blair wrote:
>> Klaus Darilion wrote:
>>> Use ngrep to watch also the DNS lookups (ngrep port 5060 or port 53) 
>>> and verify what ser really looks up in DNS. The kerberos SRV entries 
>>> must not interfere, but they are in a different domain, thus when 
>>> looking up _sip._udp.... the kerberos entries should never be seen 
>>> by ser.
>> OK. I'll add this check. I agree the kerberos entries shouldn't 
>> interfere but I cannot explain why SER would think the domain 
>> controller host would be the next hop.
> maybe someone fumbled in DNS? :-)

Possible. I have a test scheduled today with our DNS "person".During 
that session they will enable logging, it is usually off. Hopefully the 
logging will explain what is happening.


> regards
> klaus

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