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I think so, too. There we had the example: the new user comes, looks,
compares and leaves.
Imo, the average user doesn't care whether he can add new features or who
the maintainer works for or how's the project managed, but rather when and
what features he can use in his interest.

A better documentation repository, also for *older* stable version would be
a good ideea.
If I want to use apache, I don't download the source and look through those
files, maybe a developer was kind enough to write something in some readme;
and in no case do I search for a makefile to compile my documentation! This
is a nice feature for bookkeeping features and code documentation, but
mostly irrelevant to the average *user*.

Every mature foss project has a documentation concentrator (software
enterprises have a department only for that!). And www.iptel.org for sure
isn't that concentrator, but rather a relic, with its ancient old docs.
We could come to the point of finding men to do this job, but if there
aren't volunteers, maybe having the developer spend some extra time for
that, instead of writing some more code would pay off. His code is pretty
useless if I can not find anything about its functionality; and I can go on
like that with some more common blahblah.
But if openser managed to gather some volunteers, probably the trouble is
somewhere else.
Onsip and voipinfo and so, are nice, but not enough - I don't want to gather
bits and pieces when I can have an alternative I can easily use (like the
one provided by ser's sibling, which apparently manages somehow "in their
intension to go forward with SER to the direction that it had headed

Just my 2 eurocents, WL.

Note: Concurrency is the key to innovation.

On 7/26/06, Adrian Georgescu <ag at ag-projects.com> wrote:
> Maybe a roadmap will be good to have on the ser web site.
> Adrian
> At 19:17 20/07/2006, Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
> >*On 07/19/06 21:14, Chahn John Kim wrote:*
> >>* Thank you all for your comments.*
> >>
> >>* After having researched documents and history from both iptel and
> OpenSER,*
> >>* I could not resist a feeling that iptel is somewhat lagging in their*
> >>* intension to go forward with SER to the direction that it had headed
> to.*
> I am wondering if you can provide specifics about where SER was headed to
> and why you think it is not going forward there.
> -jiri
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