[Serusers] ser-0.10.99-dev35-pa-4.1 problem

Erwin Rabano Pasia erwinpasia at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 24 15:44:34 CEST 2006

  I've been trying to configure a development version of SER specifically the ser-0.10.99-dev35-pa-4.1 release wich was claimed to have better support for Presence/XCAP service but always having error on debug run. Anyone have encountered such problem? Thanks.
   0(15611) loading module /usr/local/ser-0.10.99/lib/ser/modules/lib_ser_cds.so
 0(15611) ERROR: no version info in module </usr/local/ser-0.10.99/lib/ser/modules/lib_ser_cds.so>: /usr/local/ser-0.10.99/sbin/ser: undefined symbol: module_version

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